SMARTcontrol 630

The SMARTcontrol 630 is a freely programmable control system in accordance with IEC 61131 for industrial plant engineering.

It is operated using the SMARTcontrol Touch 7 control panel, which can also communicate via Ethernet with one or more other SMARTcontrol control systems, including systems of different types.

Areas of application

The cost-optimized SMARTcontrol 630 has been specially developed for small and medium-sized plants, for example:

  • Food technology (boiling, baking, smoking)
  • Climate technology (air conditioning, maturing, drying)

Benefits of the control system

  • Excellent reliability and availability
  • Extremely good resistance to environmental factors (EMC, temperature, moisture, pressure)
  • Extensive self-diagnosis and remote diagnosis options
  • Linux operating system offering various communication interfaces such as Ethernet, CANopen, and RS485 
  • Local storage of process data
  • Transfer of system parameters and settings via Ethernet, SD card, or USB stick 
  • Made in Germany

Your benefits

  • Benefit from an outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Excellent functional and process reliability for your customers
  • High recognition value for your company's custom control system
  • You remain flexible and independent at all times and protect your expertise with the CODESYS application level
  • Our expert product development for your ready-to-use solution saves time
  • We support you throughout the entire process: specification, development, and commissioning