SMARTcontrol Log

SMARTcontrol Log

Plant management and data logging for industrial plants

The aim: all the key parameters at a glance – all process data logged. Run your plants at top efficiency. Our SMARTcontrol Log PC software for plant management and process data capture is a tool for maximum efficiency. It is not a matter of providing as many functions as possible and logging vast quantities of data. The key is dealing with the data and functions that are actually needed in an intelligent manner.

Whether you need centralized or local data capture, monitoring of multiple plants, simple creation of goods and production programs, or numerous evaluations – SMARTcontrol Log gives you more scope for your core tasks. So that you can focus fully on your core tasks, we provide you with highly efficient and ergonomic plant software in the form of SMART.log for controlling and monitoring your plants.

A shared feature of all versions is the ergonomic user interface. The modern design not only makes it easier to gain an overview – it is also a pleasure to use.

SMARTcontrol Log

As an additional feature, SMARTcontrol Log offers comprehensive process data capture which allows you to visualize and archive the data for all connected plants. All data is stored in a database.

SMARTcontrol Log ERP

The SMARTcontrol Log ERP option can be used to link the SMARTcontrol control system to a higher-level ERP system using web services.